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Are you eager to get your hands on high-quality kitchenware, home decor, and gourmet goods from Williams Sonoma today? Waiting for your favorite items can be inconvenient, but fear not! Getcho is here to help. With our same-day delivery service, you can have your Williams Sonoma order delivered to your doorstep promptly. Enjoy the luxury of quick, stress-free delivery with Getcho. Your premium delivery service is just a click away!

How to Getcho Williams Sonoma for same-day delivery

Getcho offers an on-demand delivery service with low prices and excellent customer service. Our unique peer-to-peer model gives you more freedom and flexibility for your deliveries. In addition to sending items to friends and loved ones, you can also use Getcho to pick up your Williams Sonoma curbside or in-store pickup orders. Simply place your order on and use the Getcho app to send a driver to pick it up for you on the same day.

Place your Williams Sonoma curbside pickup order

  1. Start shopping for your favorite items.

  2. If you want items for same-day pickup, you will need to toggle “In-Store Pickup” when adding them to your cart. Once you do, select the store closest to your drop-off location.

  3. Finish adding items to your cart and proceed to checkout. You will want to make sure your items are set for “In-Store Pickup”

  4. Done! Finalize the checkout process and you will received a confirmation that your order was received. Note: this does not mean your order is ready for pickup just yet!

  5. Once your order is ready for pickup, you will receive an email with pickup information. Keep your order confirmation number and take a screenshot of it, as you’ll need to share these with your Getcho driver!

Download Getcho

Download the Getcho app from the App Store or the Play Store and create a free account if you don’t have one yet.

Getcho Quote Screen

Input your pickup details

  1. Store address: Ensure you enter the correct Williams Sonoma location address. Start typing Williams Sonoma, and you’ll be able to see the locations near you.

  2. Name on order: Enter the name you used for the order.

  3. Phone number: Provide your phone number so the driver can contact you if needed.

  4. Pickup Notes: Include all the information your driver will need to locate your order, such as:

    “This is a curbside order under Jane Doe. Order #789012. Call if you encounter any issues!”

Input your drop-off details

Enter your phone number and any notes that will assist the driver in locating you for the drop-off (apartment number, special instructions, etc.).

Submit your order now or schedule it for later. Getcho will send you a tracking link to monitor your driver’s progress. Feel free to contact your driver and check in anytime!

Getcho Tracking Screen

Help your driver find your order

Once your driver is on the way, you just have one more step: send your driver a screenshot of the order confirmation email you received.

That’s it! Your driver will pick up your Williams Sonoma order and deliver it right to you. Enjoy the time you saved by using Getcho.


Using Getcho for Williams Sonoma curbside pickups is a straightforward and convenient way to get your high-quality kitchenware, home decor, and gourmet goods without leaving your home. With our efficient courier network and user-friendly platform, Getcho makes curbside pickups a breeze. If you’re a Williams Sonoma enthusiast and looking for a hassle-free pickup experience, be sure to use Getcho for your next curbside pickup.

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