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According to Strand Book Store, there are currently 80 bookstores in Manhattan, down from a high of 386 in 1950. Unfortunately, as the beautiful movie ‘You’ve Got Mail’ portrayed, it is tough for independent bookstores to keep up with retail giants like Amazon. The convenience they offer is just too enjoyable - however, what if you could get books delivered, same-day, from any NYC bookstore without sacrificing any convenience? That’s where Getcho comes into play.

Book Delivery Getcho

Getcho is a same-day, dependable, and efficient delivery service that can transport almost anything you need across NYC – forgotten credit cards, curbside orders, and of course, books.

Since we are a delivery-focused platform, we don’t charge any fees to retailers or restaurants. Instead, customers can conveniently place delivery orders through the Getcho app. Local businesses appreciate the opportunity to make direct sales, while customers enjoy the convenience of a centralized delivery solution.

How to use Getcho for on-demand book delivery in NYC

In order to ensure we can make the book delivery you want, you can simply:

  1. Search the web for nearby bookstores (or use the list we have created below).
  2. Check for your online title over the phone or on the store’s website. Not all indie booksellers have an up-to-date catalog, so we recommend calling.
  3. Get a delivery quote using our simple online quote generator.
  4. Purchase the book; if the seller doesn’t have an online checkout page, then call and tell them you’d like to purchase over the phone. Let them know that you’ll be sending a driver to pick up the book when it’s ready.

Now, you are ready to get started with Getcho! Simply download the Getcho app from the App Store or the Play Store.

Getcho Quote Screen

Dispatching your courier

You can start creating quotes for your deliveries without creating an account. All you need to do is input the pickup and drop-off address, and you will get prices and time estimates instantly. Once you are done, you will need to provide relevant pickup and drop-off information.

Input your pick-up details

  1. Pickup for: Enter the name on the order so the driver can easily find your books!
  2. Pickup contact number: Enter your phone number. This will allow the bike messenger to contact you if there are any issues.
  3. Pickup instructions: Please provide any additional information necessary to ensure a successful pickup. For example, if the seller gives you an order ID, add that info in the “pickup notes”.

Input your drop-off details

Please provide any relevant notes to assist the driver in locating your drop-off location. This may include apartment numbers, special instructions, or any other details that can facilitate a smooth delivery.

Done! Getcho will send you a tracking link to view the status of your bike messenger riding around NYC with your books. Feel free to contact your driver and check in anytime!

Getcho Tracking Screen

Example NYC bookstores that allow same-day book delivery

Small Revisions Bookstore same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Manhattan, New York

Greenlight Bookstore same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Brooklyn, New York (Flatbush and Fort Greene)

Books Are Magic same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Brooklyn, New York (Cobble Hill)

Astoria Bookshop same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Queens, New York (Astoria)

Strand Book Store same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Manhattan, New York (Union Square)

Argosy Book Store same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Manhattan, New York (Midtown East)

McNally Jackson same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Manhattan & Brooklyn, New York (Soho, FiDi, Fort Greene)

Spoonbill and Sugartown same-day NYC delivery

Locations: Brooklyn, New York (Williamsburg)

Why use Getcho as a same-day book delivery service in NYC

For swift and hassle-free same-day book delivery in NYC, rely on Getcho. Enjoy the convenience you expect while also contributing to local independent bookstores across the boroughs. Getcho ensures prompt service, allowing you to dive into your reading without delay, all while supporting the vibrant community of NYC’s bookshops. Choose Getcho to experience seamless book delivery while making a positive impact on your local literary ecosystem.

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