1. 1. For most purchases over $45, Home Depot offers free standard shipping, which takes anywhere between three and 10 days plus processing time.
  2. 2. For big appliances that can’t be shipped, Home Depot will deliver to you on a pre-chosen date if your order costs more than $396.
  3. 3. And if you can’t wait for a long-haul shipment, you can opt for same-day or next-day local delivery for $8.99. Your order must total more than $45 to be eligible. If you submit before noon, you can schedule your delivery for the same day.

But Home Depot’s on-demand delivery options do have a couple of limitations


Home Depot Minimum Order

What do you do when your order doesn’t meet the $45 minimum? Or if you can’t place your order before noon? Or if you simply don’t want to wait hours for your purchase to be delivered?

For those $12 light bulbs you need delivered pronto, or an emergency replacement for your faucet that started leaking this afternoon, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to drop what you’re doing and drive to the store yourself, or wait for the next delivery window. 

And even if you did meet Home Depot’s requirements, delivery could still take hours, and you won’t know exactly when to expect drop-off.

Fortunately, there’s a third-party backup.


Getcho is here to help you order on-demand deliveries at low prices with great customer service. Unlike many other couriers you might encounter, Getcho is peer-to-peer. That means you aren’t limited to ordering only from a store or business. You can use Getcho to deliver important documents, forgotten keys, left-behind lunch boxes and urgent love notes. You name it, we’ll get it from point A to point B, immediately.

Because we’re built to handle your on-demand deliveries, you’ll also find us easy to use when you’re ordering directly from a store. You just tell a driver where to go, what to grab, and where to leave it. This flexibility bodes well for stores that have their own special curbside process- Getcho can work with any store. Just be sure to let the driver know what they need to do to grab your order, whether that be an order ID, a certain counter, or parking spot.

How to Getcho Home Depot

All you need to do is place a curbside pickup order at homedepot.com, then use the Getcho app to send someone to pick it up.

Home Depot curbside pickup

At checkout, make sure you select “Store Pickup.”

Home Depot Order Confirmation

After you make your purchase you should get an email confirmation that looks like this:

Home Depot Confirmation

About 10 to 15 minutes after you place your order, you will receive another message that tells you all you need to know to send a driver. Here’s how it might look:

Home Depot Order Information

Hold onto your store locker number and pick up code, which you’ll need to share with your Getcho driver.

Getcho curbside

Download the Getcho app from the App Store or the Play Store and create a free account if you don’t have one.

Pickup details

On the “order” page, tap “enter pickup details.” This is where you can tell your Getcho driver about your curbside order. Here’s how you should fill out the form:

  1. Store address: Make sure you enter the address for the right Home Depot location. Start typing Home Depot and you’ll be able to see the locations near you.
  2. Name: This will autopopulate.
  3. Phone number: Enter your own phone number. That way, a driver can call or text you if he has any issues.
  4. Notes: Enter in all of the information your driver will need to find your order. Something like: 

    “This is a Home Depot curbside order under John Smith. You need to use the code 1234 at the pick up lockers to obtain it. Call if you have any problems!”

Drop-off details

This form is pretty clear-cut. Enter your name, address, phone number and any notes that will help a driver find you to drop off your order.

That’s it! Submit your order now, or schedule it if a later time works better for you. Getcho will send you a tracking link to follow where the driver is and you can contact your driver at any time.