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Books Are Magic boasts the #1 foursquare rating for bookstores in Brooklyn. Customers laud the children’s book selection, staff picks, and the collection in general. We personally love Books Are Magic’s modern website and seamless online catalog.

Getcho Books Are Magic

Shipping charges are as follows: All orders are automatically charged $9.00 for shipping via USPS Priority (2-3 days) If you have a larger order under $100, we will contact you with a final shipping price. All orders over $100 will ship for free.

And now you may send a courier to pick up your order the very same day with Getcho, if you’re in Brooklyn.

How to Getcho Books are Magic

If you need more help with a Books Are Magic Getcho, just text “Magic” to ‪(213) 493-8631‬

  1. To be eligible for Books Are Magic same-day delivery, you must be somewhere in Brooklyn.
  1. Search for any title on Books Are Magic’s catalog. When you find what you’re looking for, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout.
    Books are magic Order
    Books that are “in stock”, will usually be ready for pick-up the same day. Otherwise, Books Are Magic will let you know how long it will take for the book to be ready.
  1. Select “Pick up in store” on the checkout page.
Books are magic Order step 2
Select “Pick up in store” if you plan on using Getcho to deliver your order the same day.

  1. Review your order and purchase. You should receive a confirmation email from Books Are Magic– this doesn’t mean the order is ready yet!
  1. Wait for an email from Books Are Magic letting you know that the book is ready to pickup. Then download the Getcho iOS or Android app, sign-up for free, and order your Getcho delivery. Make sure that the drop-off name matches the name on your Books Are Magic order, and put the order ID from your confirmation email into the pickup notes. This will help your Getcho driver locate your order.

That’s it! You’ll receive a tracking link where you can follow a Getcho driver retrieve your book. Email if there’s anything we can do to help.

Example book Getcho’s

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Locations: Brooklyn, NY (Flatbush and Fort Greene)

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • What is Getcho?

      Getcho (“get-cho”) is a platform for requesting on-demand deliveries. Forget mail. We send a courier to the pickup point the second you submit an order. Deliveries typically take under 45 minutes. No need to meet the driver.

    • What can I deliver with Getcho?

      Our customers use Getcho to deliver just about anything. Here are a few ideas to get started:
    • How do I request a delivery?

      • Upon opening the app input your pickup and drop-off address in the inputs at the bottom of the page. Once you do you will see your delivery ETA and price estimate.
      • Next, fill-out the pick-up information. If you have any specific instructions, add them to the notes. For example: "My package will be in front of the door." Or, "My order number is 12345."
      • Next, fill in the drop-off information and add any instructions your driver needs to know about the delivery. For example, “Please carry this package right-side up.” Or, “Leave it at the front desk.”
      • Finally, add a description for the payload type and select a pickup time if you need.
      • Ready to make it official? Click "Order Now" and your package is on the move.
    • What can't I send?

      Items must be under 80 pounds and must be able to fit in a vehicle. To find a list of prohibited items, please check out our terms page, under "prohibited Getcho items."

    • How much does a delivery cost?

      Our prices are flexible! Feel free to play around with our quote generator above

    • How do small businesses use Getcho?

      We partner with medium and small businesses to help them compete with the biggest online retailers. Unlike other delivery services, Getcho won’t charge your business with delivery fees. We want local business to thrive, and we’re here to provide courier services for anything your team needs delivered. Our priority is to keep business moving - and keep your employees and customers safe.

    • How do I become a driver?

      Interested in driving for Getcho? Fill out this formand we will reach out to you if we see any potential in your area.

    • Are there monetary value limits to the packages?

      • All items valued under $30 will be insured by default. This means that any delivery with a declared value of $30 or less will automatically be covered by insurance.
      • For items with a declared value between $30 and $300, customers have the option to purchase additional insurance coverage for a fee of 8% of the item value minus the basic insurance coverage provided. This fee will be added to the total delivery cost.
      • Items with a declared value over $300 are not eligible for additional insurance coverage. In this case, they will be covered for up to $300.

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