Getcho books: supporting local booksellers

Same-day delivery from local bookstores

There are over 2,300 bookstores owned by nearly 1,800 different businesses across the United States. Unfortunately, many people buy their books from Amazon and other giant retailers. It’s just too convenient to shop for books from home.

We’re proud to announce that Getcho now offers a solution for supporting local book sellers without sacrificing any convenience. In fact, you can Getcho most books to your door within a few hours, not days.

How it works

Getcho is a same-day delivery provider that can transport about anything– takeout-food, curbside orders, and of course, books.

Unlike traditional delivery apps, Getcho doesn’t take any money from retailers or restaurants. Instead customers order deliveries through the Getcho app. Local businesses love making traditional sales while knowing customers have a one-stop solution for delivery.

Bookstores are no different. To get a copy of your next read dropped right at your door, simply:

  1. Search the web for nearby bookstores (we like DuckDuckGo because they don’t charge the booksellers for your clicks, but Google of course works too).
  1. Check for your online title over the phone or on the store’s website. Not all indie booksellers have an up-to-date catalog, so we recommend calling.
  1. Purchase the book; if the seller doesn’t have an online checkout page, then call and tell them you’d like to purchase over the phone. Let them know that you’ll be sending a driver to pick up the book when it’s ready.
  1. Use the iOS or Android Getcho App to send a driver.
    • Make sure the “drop-off name” matches the person who purchased the book so the driver can easily find it.
    • If the seller gives you an order ID, add that info in the “pickup notes”.
    • You can schedule the delivery for a later time if it’s more convenient for you!

Example book Getcho’s

Locations: Arizona, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin

Locations: Austin, TX

Locations: Illinois

Locations: Brooklyn, NY (Flatbush and Fort Greene)

Locations: Brooklyn, NY

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